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family-4If you are considering choosing a family dentist, you may be wondering what kind of qualifications that dentist will have. A family dentist has all of the same training as a “typical” dentist would have, but a family dentist uses this training to treat patients of all ages, from big to small.

Your family dentist has graduated from an ADA-accredited school, the American Dental Associations’ Commission on Dental Accreditation. Admission to these dental schools is difficult, as there is a high level of competition among applicants. Applicants must have high grades and must have completed an excellent interview. As well, the DAT, or Dental Admission Test, must be passed. Although it isn’t required that an applicant have already earned a college bachelor’s degree, many do, or earn it concurrently while attending dental school.

At dental college, two types of degrees area available: DDS, a Doctorate of Dental Surgery or DMD, a Doctorate of Dental Medicine. Both degrees are four year degrees: two years in labs and classrooms in clinical and natural science study and two years in apprenticeship with skilled, accredited dentists acquiring hands-on experience in professional dental offices.

Your family dentist may have gone directly into practice after receiving his or her degree and being licensed by a particular state, but it’s possible that his or her education continued with postdoctoral degrees that certify specialists in one of nine ADA-recognized fields, including maxillofacial surgery, periodontics and endodontics.

Good family dentists will keep abreast of the latest technologies and dental trends and will reinforce their training with continuing education classes.

If you have questions about the qualifications and certifications of Bingham Farms, MI family dentist Dr. Arora, just ask. Much of the information you might require can be located online. Dentists often also display certifications on the walls of their offices. Bingham Farms family dentist Dr. Arora is truly qualified to treat you and your family and to help you all reach your smile goals.

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