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checkupThere’s not just one aspect of oral care that you can perform that will overcome neglecting the other elements. All of the things that you’ve probably heard all of your life combine together to create the best oral health. If you skip some of the steps, it’s likely that you will encounter problems like yellow teeth, gum disease, cavities or bad breath. To avoid these types of outcomes, practicing these important steps to good oral hygiene.

Brush and floss
The best way you can avoid the buildup of harmful plaque on your teeth and gums is to brush and floss every day. When plaque accumulates, it reacts with sugars introduced in your mouth from foods and turns into acid that damages your tooth enamel. You’ll end up with tooth decay or gum disease without proper consistent brushing and flossing.

Use fluoride
To help prevent tooth decay and to strengthen your teeth, use toothpaste containing fluoride. Also ask your dentist about mouth rinses, gels, or even special fluoride treatments that might give you an extra oral health advantage.

Quit smoking
Using tobacco has proven to be harmful to your mouth in many ways. Tooth decay, gum disease, stained teeth, bad breath, and oral cancer are all possible outcomes of using any kind of tobacco. Get the help you need to stop this bad habit today.

Watch your diet
Foods and drinks enter your mouth and fuel the bacteria that is present, ending up with a potentially harmful situation for your teeth and gums. Bacteria thrives when you constantly introduce snacks into your mouth, especially those that are high in sugars or starches. Considering what and when you eat is important in the fight for your oral health.

See the dentist
Don’t put off visiting Bingham Farms dentist Dr. Arora for checkups and cleanings. It is recommended to do so every six months so that plaque buildup and tartar will be removed from even the most out-of-reach areas, and problems will be caught and addressed before they can do any long-term damage.


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